Monthly archive September, 2015

The Hamburg Soul Weekender Is Coming / Soul Stew Radio Show

On this months show i have a guest: Ralf Mehnert is one of the organisers of the Hamburg Soul Weekender (FB). He is spinning smooth tracks in the first hour and uptempo northern tunes in the second. But before we start we hear a tune by the brilliant @JamesandBlack which will be featured in full in...
Mit Liebe antworten? Keep 'em Firing!

Mit Liebe antworten? Keep ’em Firing!

Kein großer Fan, dennoch… Eine Replik auf “Ein Brief an Joko & Klaas: Antwortet mit Liebe! Das wäre mutig!” Mit Liebe antworten – echt jetzt? Nein, ich bin kein großer Fan von  Joko & Klaas – die Mischung aus Jackass, lustigen Interviews und neuerer Bands als beim „Großen Preis“ (RIP) äh „Wetten dass“ (RIP) äh…...

Humidor Record Collecting – the Next Big Thing?

First things first: I am not innocent on this matter. I did buy my share of these releases and probably buy next years “What’s Going On”-Issue with unreleased takes of breath by Marvin in 4D sensurround sound. But with the “Record Store Day” turning into “Vinyl Tuesday” and the building of new pressing plants for...
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