Soul Stew Radio Show: I know you want Soul

People's Records SoulLet's do a fresh Start for 2016: No guests, no talk just straight soul from the 60s and 70s (and a little bit of Hip Hop).


First Hour

That's When The Tears Start         The Blossoms

Let Your Love Shine On Me            The Blossoms

Hold On         The Radiants

I Hurt on the Other Side           Jerry Cook

Aint No More Room  The Kittens

I Won't Do Anything Lezli Valentine

My Party        Mitty Collier 

Can't Shake It           Etta James

Damper Down          Bobby Davis

I'd Like To Win You Over    Ringleaders

What Has Happened           Ringleaders

Got To Find A Way   Harold Burrage

Family Affair   James & Black (Live at the Ahoi Bar)

Superstar  James & Black (Live at the Ahoi Bar)

Young Americans     David Bowie

Show Me The Way To Love  Carl Davis & the Chi-Sound Orchestra

Who Is That Lady     Joe Simon

I'm Going Through Changes Now  Brown Sugar


Second Hour

Stop And Think It Over       Anthony White

I Made a Mistake      Love Committee

Nine Times 12"        The_Moments

Ain't That Good Enough      John Edwards

Now That We Found Love      Martha Reeves

Oh No not the Beast Day       Marsha Hunt

Got The Hunger       Alice Russell

Check the Rhime      A Tribe Called Quest

Kling Kling Kling -  Flip & Average ft. DJ Url

Exhibit C  Jay Electronica

You Got Me Hummin'          Moment Of Truth

Inside Out Odyssey

3 Way Situation (Al Kent Edit) - Nadie La Fond


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