Roisin Murphy's Law: Keep on, keep on, keep on

There‘s a new Roisin Track in town. And it's bound to hold your ears and brain hostage for the next weeks.
Roisin Murphy's Law is another of those „singles“ produced with DJ Parrott (and others) that she released irregularly in the last few months. Some of which were recorded one or two years ago, others more recently. But all releases have one thing in common: The re-establish the art of the 12" Version.

No Need To Prove Anything Anymore

What makes this tune so appealing is a certain restrainment when compared to the over hyped "awesome" pop productions everywhere else. Those taste like overstuffed sweets that lose flavour within seconds, while Murphy's song is grower. This tune creeps slowly and steadily in your cortex. In a few moments your feet will start to tap along to those subdued handclaps, the melody makes you swing your hips (yes males also) a slightly more confident so you can face today's little catastrophes a bit braver. And that what the lyrics are all about: „Keep On, keep on, keep on“.
Roisin Murphy's Law forever

Róisín Murphy - das Update der Disco Diva - Musik 2018 (klick)

Those four chords throughout the tune build a melancholic feeling that Roisin voice rides on with a slightly grace-jonesy-spoken-word-intro: 
„I feel my Story‘s still untold, but I'll make my own happy ending".
And though the song is about the end of a love affair and the rebuilding of one's own confidence, we all can relate to it no matter sexual orientation, whether you have been left or laid off recently. Yes we will fall again (Murphy's Law!) but we will not give up. That's why Roisin Murphy's Law does, what most great pop songs do: Telling you that you‘re not alone.

P.S. Now all i want is a vinyl copy to hold onto to.

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